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At Graded City, we sell a range of different trading cards, including PSA graded Pokémon cards.

PSA run a simple grading system from 1 to 10, evaluating the condition based on the centring, corner condition, edges, and the surface. The cards are then returned in secure Pokémon card cases, ready for display, and enabling you to keep them safe from damage for many years to come. 

Graded City focuses on vintage Pokémon from mainly base set and first editions. We also sell new series individual packs and booster boxes.



 Pokémon card sets we regularly sell

Scarlet & Violet 

Sword & Shield 

Sun & Moon 


XY Series

Black & White 

HeartGold & SoulSilver 


 Platinum Series 

Base set  

Plus many more... 



 Furthermore, we also sell Pokémon card storage boxes and Pokémon individual card protection, enabling you to keep your cards in immaculate condition, and improve their resale value exponentially. 



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