Youngblood #2 CGC 9.6


1st appearance of Shadowhawk & Prophet. Trading cards included 2 different color variations exist flipbook

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Author Rob Liefeld & Jim Valentino
Artists Rob Liefeld & Jim Valentino
Genre Superheros
Publisher Image Comics
Series Youngblood
Type Comic

The rebel faction known as the Berserkers make a daring escape from the Death Squad, but who is the ominous Darkthorn. Meanwhile, Youngblood team members Sentinel, Brahma, Riptide, Cougar, and Combat awaken a super-soldier who has been in cryogenic sleep since the days of WWII. When John Prophet awakens disorientated and in a world he does not recognize, he mistakes Youngblood for his mortal enemies the Disciples and attacks. Plus, a 6 page back-up story introducing a new hero who stalks the criminal element at night, Shadow Hawk.  

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